Ready for a more efficient, smoother and altogether smarter ride? Ford's working on it.

Carbon fibre is both extremely light (up to 50% lighter than conventional steel) and extremely strong.

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Ford SYNC 2 with Voice Control and Touch Screen gives the phrase ‘responsive car’ a whole new meaning.

All Ford models launched in 2015 feature Ford SYNC 2 with Voice Control and Touch Screen – a smart, voice-controlled connectivity system for operating your phone, entertainment system, climate control and navigation.

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Ford was last year crowned the world’s greenest brand.

To quote brand rating agency Interbrand, "Sustainability is fully integrated into Ford's overall business strategy. Continuing to invest in alternative energy sources and fuel-saving technologies – and educating consumers on its benefits – will be key to enhancing its business and brand value over time."
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Fine materials and quality craftsmanship.

The new Ford Mondeo Vignale comes in various exclusive Ford Vignale colours, such as Vignale Nocciola, Vignale Black, Vignale Silver and Vignale White, a pearlescent shade inspired by the rose metallic tones used by furniture and fashion designers.
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The Ford Mondeo Vignale is more than a car. It’s a lifestyle.

Giving you access to a world of services that are personalised, exclusive and – critically for a high-octane lifestyle – time-saving. Discover how the Ford Mondeo Vignale can make your life easier.

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The Ford Vignale Lounge

A space within the FordStore that brings together the core elements of the Ford Vignale experience: luxury, personal attention and an appreciation that your time is precious.
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The Vignale Collection

The award-winning Vignale Collection of specially designed accessories extends the luxury and premium craftsmanship into every aspect of daily life. So you can enjoy the Ford Vignale designer experience wherever you go.
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Erika Tsubaki: ‘Like the car itself, this bag makes life easier.’

How did Ford Designer Erika Tsubaki approach creating the Vignale Collection, a line of elegant and ingenious accessories that match perfectly the exclusive character of the Ford Mondeo Vignale?

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